hello ive got 2 arrays defined below

char RW[100];

char array[80];

ive got this algo for now but not 100% certain its working

void setI(char array[])
	cout << "now in seti function" << endl;

	for (int j = 0 ; j <=sizeof(RW[j]); j++)
		for (int i = 0 ; i <=sizeof(array[i]); i++)
		strcmp(&array[i], &RW[j]);

the problem is that the strcmp is not comparing all results plus its always returning true. Any suggestings on makeing it more effective and efficient?



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How about you explain what you're trying to do? My first impression is that your code is broken due to several misconceptions about how strings work.

>for (int j = 0 ; j <=sizeof(RW[j]); j++)
sizeof RW[j] is 1. Always.

>for (int i = 0 ; i <=sizeof(array); i++)
sizeof array is 1. Always.

>strcmp(&array, &RW[j]);
There's a very good chance that this doesn't do what you think it does.


Hello sorry for my none explantation, here it goes... Ive got 2 popluated arrays...

array = "a+b*c;
RW = "+*;"

I want to scan or go through and compared array to RW and if the characters that dont exisit in RW i put them into a 3rd array. I hope that makes sence?


scan 1 takes 'a' ...is a in RW[0] = No
is a in RW[1] = NO
is a in RW[2] = NO
{reached null, put a into ID (another created array)
scan 2 takes +     is + in RW[0] = YES increment RW[0] so it alwats starts at 1
scan 3 takes b .... and so on

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