i have a project and i have database that is written in arabic language when i run my program all iget is small square instead of the arabic character and i have try to solve this problem 3 months ago and i have search the web and i didnot get an answer for any advise i 'll be thankful?

You need to use the unicode value for every arabic character to print the arabic characters....

check this out...


You could do that manually... or you can use many online arabic to unicode convertors found online...

like this one..


I donot know arabic... and Im giving you the technique used to print unicode code points in java...


If a certain arabic character has the unicode value of "0635", then if you want that character in a certain String then u need to use

String txt="\u0635"

thank you for your help it was really useful can you please explain a little more about the second way

hi i try to print uni code but when i run the program all i get is ? here is the code


I dont think the console can print this. Try using it in a GUI application.

i try to print it in jtextfield but all i get is small square

Well it works perfectly for me... Could u post the code?

I dont think the console can print this. Try using it in a GUI application.

would depend on the console, but most indeed support only 7 bit ASCII

here is the code for text field


but all i get small square i want to thank all of you for helping me

Ok. I think the font cant display that glyph.

Try this and tell me whether you get true or false.

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