I'm trying to get a java applet from a website. The HTML page code looks like this:

<APPLET CODEBASE="../applets" CODE="fourier.Interference" WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="350">
<PARAM NAME="waves" VALUE="2">
<PARAM NAME="handle" VALUE="fourier/greyball.gif">

Where would the applet code be located so I can download it?

You can't get the code, an applet is compiled. And from the names in the code there, I'm guessing it has something to do with fourier transforms?

That's correct. It is related to Fourier Transforms.
Well, I'm not interested in the code. I'm interested in the applet itself. Then, is there any way I can save it in my computer?

yes there is. But you'd need permission from the owners to use it on your own site/intranet/whatever anyway so easiest way is to contact them and ask if you may use it and if they'd be so kind to send you a copy if you may.

Hopefully the implemented basic security so you can't do this without permission.

:D :D :D
I found the way to get them!
:D :D :D
I'm so happy!

Ask the author or find a page that includes a download link for the source.

Three steps.
1) save the HTML
2) look in the HTML for the address of the jar file/class file.
3) enter that address in your browser and download the jar/class file.

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