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So, I'm making a small program for my school, and I need to get the names of the printers on the network. If you go to the control panel in windows, it can list the printers on the network, but how would I do that in my program?


^like that


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Thanks for your reply, first of all, I'm already able to get the local installed printers, it's no problem :) its the network that is hard to retrieve. I did try with the system.management class or what ever it's called, i had some trouble with VCE not being able to find it. I wont be able to test it before monday unfortunately, but once again thanks for the update ! :D


Heh, ok. Waiting for your results, cause I'm also not able to test these solutions right now :(


Meh, I'm failing to get it working. Maybe I didn't clarify myself good enough.
Anyways, here on my school we got a server accessible by all the students on the network. There is this folder "\\\" that contains like 500 folders for each student, besides that, there is also like ten printers in this folder. I need my program to filter the printers in \\\ so it always knows which ones are available to install.


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