Hi everyone, i just want to ask you help and solicit you ideas in java because i'm a beginner in Java.

I have a project that some what like POS (point of sale). But may problem is i have no idea how to to. The problem is, I made a jTable and if you enter a data in the provided jTextField and you click a button ADD it stored in jTable not in database, but when you click a button CHARGE/ADD TO DATABASE the data on the jTable will automatically added in the database. And one thing is how can I print the data in jTable only, not from database. I'm using Netbeans 6.8 and my database is Mysql(Appserve) but i'm using also sqlyog to create table.

Anyone can help... Thanks

You can also send me the code on my email: LAZY@FAKE_CODER.com [EDITED BY MODERATOR]

Thanks for the help....

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well .. if your one button does store the data in the DB and the other doesn't, you may want to check the differences between the actions performed.

you can print that particular data, by selecting just that particular data.

have you tried anything so far? show us your code and tell us where you think it goes wrong, what happens, what you want to happen, any error messages you get (and everything else that might be important, no what IDE you use is less valuable information)

also: do understand, we 're not Developers-for-Rent, we're just willing to help you learn writing Java software.

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