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Anybody help me please,
how can i run bat file code in vb6.
can i run it.
thanks,for read

bat, as in .bat file code? you could use the shell function. been a while since i've used it but i'm pretty sure it's
Shell "path\file", [windowstyle]
i suppose in theory you could run a series of them like...

shell "cd %programfiles%", vbHide       'Not that the vbHide / etc part
shell "md newProgDir", vbNormalFocus    'is all that important, but yeah...
shell "cd newProgDir", vbNormalNoFocus  
shell "explorer %cd%", vbMinimizedFocus

or somethin like that... hopefully that helps you out some :) been a very long time since i've looked at this stuff though.

do it in brackets

lSomeWindowID = Shell("notepad", vbNormalFocus")

would put the process id of the new instance of notepad into iSomeWindowID... anyway, again it's been a very long time so my memory might be off... hope it helps :)

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