I am writing a program and I want a graphic to show up when the user first starts my program. I know how to implement it, the problem is that I want to show a graphic totally made up of ASCII art. The problem is that it has a lot of backslashes and hyphens which are not allowed to be printed out for some reason. The art is stored in an input file and just want to display it to the screen. Does anyone know how I can do this?

.=' ' .`/,/!(=)Zm.
.._,,._.. ,-`- `,` ` -` -```7//WW.
,v=~/.-,-`- -!|V-s.)iT-|s|`-.' `///mK%.
v!`i!-.e]-g`bT/i(/[=.Z/m)K(YNYi.. /-]i44M.
v`/,`|v]-DvLcfZ/eV/iDLN`D/ZK@%8W[Z.. `/d!Z8m
//,c`(2(X/NYNY8]ZZ/bZd`()/`7WY%WKKW) -'|(][%4.
,``i`c(e)WX@WKKZKDKWMZ8(b5/ZK8]Z7%ffVM, -.Y!bNMi
`,-iit5N)KWG%%8%%%%W8%ZWM(8YZvD)XN(@. [ `]!/GXW[
/ ))G8`NMN%W%%%%%%%%%%8KK@WZKYK*ZG5KMi,- vi[NZGM[
i`!(44Y8K%8%%%**~YZYZ@%%%%%4KWZ/PKN)ZDZ7 c=//WZK%!
,`v`YtMZW8W%%f`,`.t/bNZZK%%W%%ZXb*K(K5DZ -c``/KM48
-|c5PbM4DDW%f v./c`[tMY8W%PMW%D@KW)Gbf -/(=ZZKM8[
2(N8YXWK85@K -'c|K4/KKK%@ V%@@WD8e~ .//ct)8ZK%8`
=)b%]Nd)@KM[ !'`cG!iWYK%%| !M@KZf -c`))ZDKW%`
YYKWZGNM4/Pb '-VscP4]b@W% 'Mf` -L`///KM(%W!
!KKW4ZK/W7)Z. '/cttbY)DKW% -` .',`v)K(5KW%%f
'W)KWKZZg)Z2/,!/L(-DYYb54% ,,`, -`-/v(((KK5WW%f
'*%%%%8%8WK`)[/ZmZ/Zi]!/M%%%%@f` `Y/NNMK%%!
'VM%%%%W%WN5Z/Gt5/b)((cV@f` - |cZbMKW%%|
'V*M%%%WZ/ZG`t5((+)L`'-,,/ -)X(NWW%%
`~`MZ/DZGNZG5(((`, ,t``Z)KW%@

This is the art I want to be printed out. It is stored in an input file. How do I print this out to the screen? I am using VC++ 6.0, designing a simple WIN32 Console App.

I would do it just like anyone else, and it would display just fine. Can you be more specific about what's not working? The shell doesn't interpret special characters when they're taken from a file, neither does C++.

the quick 'n' dirty way to display a file is totally un-C++ related. if you are on WIN32, use the MSDOS command "more", ie

system("more < asciiart.txt");
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