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I wanted to know the big Oh notation for this operation in Dynamic Array and LinkedList.
I have answered the question but I am not sure if I really know how to determine the complexity.
Please give me feedback of what I've done.


Construct empty list : DA->O(1) list->O(1) --> both constant time operation?
Size of the list : DA->O(1)-> constant time List->O(N)-> linear?
isEmpty : DA->O(N)-> linear List->O(1)-> constant time?
Clear : DA->O(N)-> linear List->O(1)-> constant time?
Add item to start of the list : DA->O(N)->linear List->O(1)-> constant time?
Locate item(contains,indexOf) : DA->O(1)-> constant time List->O(N)->linear?
Add or remove item once it has been located: DA->O(N)-> linear List->O()-> O(1)->constant