Hi! I m trying to open a filter form at the center of a form which is inside the panel 2 of a split container.. I ve selected Start Position of the filter form => Center Screen but the problem is that when I push the button which opens the filter form for the first time the form appears at the upper left corner of the panel 2.. next time I open the form it appears at the center.. could you pls help me?
thnx in advance!

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Have you tried setting the start position to centerParent?

I cant make the form (say it form1, the form which open the filter form) mdi parent because it is a form which appears in a panel of a split container and it said that i cant make a control, like the mdi parent, member of an the split container control.. I try to find a wayt to do so but i didn t achieve it yet

this is the interface

I solved by canging the Location Property and it works fine..


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