I want to create text files(empty) depending upon the user input, suppose if the user enter 20 , then it should create 1.txt,2.txt to 20.txt

Assuming i want to create 2o files, then i wrote the foll code:

for i in range(20)

but i know that there's an error in 2nd line(cannot combine interger(i) and string(.txt) while assigning it to filename, so i wanted to know any other way to cretae files in the above mentioned way.

for number in range(int(raw_input('How many? '))):          
    open("%2i.txt" % number, 'w').close()

or input if you use Python 3 produce more sensible 01txt etc number files. If you want different length names not in number order leave out the 2 length from format string.

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Yes it works now.
I just started out with file handling in python, and i read that you require a file handler(eg. fp in my code) for performing file operations like opening, closing etc.
Then how did you wrote the code without any file handlers?

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Found another easier way:
just convert the integer into string .

for i in range(20)
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