ok fine ill do that ^^ im facing a problem in the mouse motion i didnt know how to think were to but what or from where i get the x and y values to draw the shapes lots o events
i have ...any comments would be helpfull

Add printlns to show what methods are being called and to show the values of the variables that the methods are using.

i dont know what is happning i printed the x and y of the starting postion
it gives me 0 10 each time and in one case 0 20

What is the "starting position"?
What is wrong with the values of 0 10 or 0 20?

even though im moves the mouse in my panel the x and y wont change they should be changed based in my modified code

Add some println statements to show all the changes that are made to the x and y variables when the changes are made. If nothing is printed by these println statements then you will know the code is not being executed and the values of x and y will never change

thank you NormR1 i troubled you with me i try to think out of the box and trace the code
in more detailed its midnight ill sleep i i feel my mind would explode.
hope you all the best in your life.
thanks a gain.

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