Hi Guys,

Am one of those changing careers. I am retraining on an IT Conversion course at the moment and has just started java. Being a conversion program, it is running really fast
and I am working really hard to catch up and fully understand, am gonna need all the help I can get from experts like you guys. Kindly help me with the following project:

Design a Book shop with an ineventory containing the following items:
ISBN code, Book Name, Author's Name, Price, Quantity in Stock.

The inventory should be read by a TCP server programme from a file separated by tabs.

The server waits for client requests and transmits the inventory if an 'I' is received.

If a 'B' followed by an item code is received, the quantity in stock should be updated to
reflect that an item has been bought.

A client programme should connect to the server, download the inventory and display
it to the customer.

The customer should be able to buy any item by typing in the item's ISBN code. A shopping
trolley should keep track of the items selected by the customer and give a total price
for the whole transaction.

Include comments as much at every stage.

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so? what have you got so far?

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so? what have you got so far?

Just start with the server. Write your code in small steps and test/debug each step by hard-coding some data and print statements. Maybe the first few steps could be:
Write the Book class. Test it by creating and printing a couple of instances.
Start the Server class - read the file into a collection of books and test by printing them all.
Write the server methods for the internal processing for each of the queries/updates. Test those.
Add the TCP layer to the server. Start the Client with one "T" and one "B" request hard coded. Test thoroughly.
... and then on to client GUI, shopping cart etc. But always remember - small steps and test as you go.

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