can someone please explain the static keyword? when a method is static what does it mean?

Ezzaral commented: Persuing Masters and you can't Google a simply keyword like this? -4

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Remarkably that you had the time to create a forum account and post a new thread before googling, which takes 0.13 seconds to get an answer from.

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That's an extraordinary question to ask like that. If you were a complete beginner you would get a flood of replies introducing you to Google. But you seem to be in a programme for a Master's degree, so no excuses. This is on a par with someone doing a Master's in English Literature posting "can someone tell me who Shakespeare is? Has he written a lot of books?".
What research have you done on this yourself? Have you read any tutorial media on Java at all? What exactly is the thing that's confusing you after doing your research?

one of the reason which i know is you can call the method even without creating the object for the corresponding class to which it belongs..

commented: vague description which is not completely correct. the above provided answers would 've helped him getting a decent understanding of the static keyword. -3
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