i use vb.net

i trying to do a file upload, i want to image to save to image folder, however, the image don't know appear in the directory that i indicate

if i click on "show all file", the image appear, but the image icon is blank or white like the image below show

so i click on that image and click on "include it in the project" , however, it shouldnt be the case that i everytime upload an image, i need to redo that again

**so how should i allow don't appear the white icon and to always appear in the upload folder when i upload a image instead of manually click on the image to include in ?**

is it visual studio problem? does i need to click on something to make the white icon disappear?

this is my code

Protected Sub uploadImage()
        Dim filename As String = FileUploadImg.FileName
        Dim fileType As String = filename.Substring(filename.Length - 4).ToLower()
        If (fileType = ".gif") Or (fileType = ".jpg") Or (fileType = ".png") Then
            FileUploadImg.SaveAs("C:\Users\Jane\Desktop\project\FileUpload\FileUpload\WebRole1\images\" & txtboxName.Text & "_" & FileUploadImg.FileName)

        End If
    End Sub

    Protected Sub btnSubmit_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnSubmit.Click
            'End If
        End Sub

this is the image of how it look like

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nevermind ;)

nevermind ;)

what are you talkin? do you know why ?

Maybe its your file associations in Windows self.

Maybe its your file associations in Windows self.

i not quite get what you mean....so how should i resolve?

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