Fetching foreach 100000 record from sql 2008 Performance problem,Browser hanging Automatically.

Any one know alternative solution.

foreach (var TBL_Inventory_Combined in I_Class.Take(maxItems_ci))


Could you clarify your issue a bit more?

Am i understanding you right in the fact your issue is that the browser hangs while the database operation is run?

You're fetching 100,000 rows into a browser?
Yes,it will hang.

Im not sure why you would want to even be pulling 100,000 entries at once, you should look into breaking these down into subcategories such as A-Z or something depending on the data as that will reduce the time taken.

Also would using an AJAX panel remove the hang and reduce it just to the panel hanging which may still allow some of the site to run? Not sure it would work as its not my best topic but im sure someone like thines01 will correct me on this if it wouldn't work.

Hi frnd.,

do you know Google instance search engine how many records it show in first page it may show some lack record discovered in some specified time span but it shows only 1000 results (100 pages) so try to load some record

you can split up that some 10 or 20 pages and show it it will be best way