Hey guys, So at my company there are two i.t. guys, me and another dude, but he does not have the time, nor brain to teach me a couple things for connecting to out sql database for my app so I have to go online. Im having real trouble as this is my first time creating an app that connects to a sql database.
But anywho, I keep getting a sql exception everytime my app tried to open the connection to the database. Can anyone school me on how to properly create/ find out/ where to look on the server for login credentials for my connection string??????

You can look into the system tables of your SQL server but the password is probably encrypted so that won't really help you. You could use T-SQL to create a new user to the database but adding users just because you don't know the credentials for the current user is not a very good reason.
You can't just ask your partner what the username/password is? Someone must have it documented somewhere.

I am going to ask him once I get ahold of him. he was suppose to call me back 2 days ago. Unfortunately this guy is not a team player, and is very stubborn on enlightening me on stuff like this. But I will overcome this obstacle. I found a table in our database named sysUsers. Which im thinking im in the right place but its like walking in the dark right now as this is my first time and I wish I had an actual team captain to show me just a few things. Hopefully I will figure it out. Thanks for your help friend.