Hiya, I wasn't really sure if this goes under Java or Game Development forums, so I decided to post it here.

I'm making a simple "Scrabble" game, which checks letters placed on the table and tries to find if they form proper nouns. I have a list of words, and two-dimensional array which contains all the letters on the table. Words are only recognized "across and down", so there's no need for diagonal word search.

I really don't have a clue how to check if the letters form any words that are in the list. Any help? :)

For the sake of making my point a bit more clear, here's some code:

Vector<String> wordList = loadWordsFromFile(); // List of words
Letter[][] table = new Letter[10][10]; // 10x10 table

// Game Loop
placeLetter(..); // Places a letter(!)
checkTableForWords(); // <-- THIS, how to do it? :)

doesn't work for you?

doesn't work for you?

It does work, but my problem was, how to form 'myWord'. Well, it doesn't really matter anymore, since I found a solution. I just take the x, y coordinates of the letter placed, and start a linear search to the right from X, then from X-1, then from X-2 etc. until I find a word. :)