Ok... im rewriting the sql query and the tabel tomorrow ... im sleepy.
Thank you for your help :)

EDit: Actually, i stopped the sql server. I executed my code and strError should be something like ... "Coult not connect etc" but ... is blank .. no content :)


bool GetListFromDb(List<String^>^ lst_strNames, String^% strError)
   bool blnRetVal = true;
      MySqlConnectionStringBuilder^ csb = gcnew MySqlConnectionStringBuilder();
      csb->Server = "localhost";
      csb->Database = "dumi";
      csb->UserID = "dumi";
      csb->Password = "dumi";
      MySqlConnection^ conn = gcnew MySqlConnection(csb->ToString());
      String^ strSQL = "SELECT * FROM `bla` WHERE (`ident` = '1' );";
      MySqlDataReader^ rdr = (gcnew MySqlCommand(strSQL, conn))->ExecuteReader();
   catch(Exception^ exc)
      blnRetVal = false;
   return blnRetVal;

I dont see that strError is used .. Possibly you forgotted to write the output of the error ?

Look at my last post, again.

...which should mean something is NOW in the List, right?

Yes, something like 'game.domain.tld'( that is in the sql table ) should be :)

That means it works, right?

Yes ... but my textBox has no content ...

Did you do the List-to-String conversion?

You gaved me :

String^ strError = "";
    List<String^>^ lst_strNames = gcnew List<String^>();
    if(!GetListFromDb(lst_strNames, strError))
      this->textBox1->Text = [B]String::Join("\n", Enumerable::ToArray<String^>(lst_strNames));[/B]
	  this->textBox3->Text = strError;
      // return -1;
		this->textBox1->Text = strError;

NO (wrong order).
The stuff inside the first set of braces is for failure.
The stuff after that is for success.

That conversion should be after you have determined success.

The exclamation point ! means NOT
If it cannot get the data, it should show a failure message and return.

AFTER THAT (success), it should process the data that was retrieved from the database.

You are a zeussss !!!!
Finaly working thank you soo much !

No problem.

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