i want to know about performance measurement tool in java means tools which measure the time statistics ,memory statistics etc of a program which coded in java?

Hi frnd!!! Use netBeans IDE and run your code in its profiler!!!!!
It shows you full statistics !!!! If you want the execution time means
use System.currentTimeMillis() method!!!

thnx actually i want to make a journal about our tool we are developing a tool for the performance measurement ,so for giving a comparison i want a tool which do similar functions..pls give the name of the similar tool..

YSLOW Firefox plugin for website profiling and also JProfiler.But as
per I work, I employed in netbeans profiler which runs both web and
other programs.It includes CPU, memory and threads profiling. As you click
the tool bar options in netbeans, it shows you all options. It also shows
memory or performance-related issues too. All the best frnd..
And congrats in advance..

thnx for ur rply can u pls suggest any tool for measuring the performance of a java program..

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