hello, I am doing an auction program and i need to make the enrolldate cell in each roll equal to todays datetime. any one has an idea?

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Which concept is the problem?
- Assigning the DateTime value to the cell?
- Getting DateTime.Now as a value?

I want to assign the datetime to the cell's value inorder to add it to sql

Those are completely different problems.
In order to put it in SQL, it needs to be in a string.
To put it in a datagrid cell, it just needs to be added to the cell.
I can show you either.

I have tried to put the value in the cell but it doesn't appear in the datagridview so if u can show me how it is done i will be thankfull :)

Can something like this do the trick?

what I am facing exactly is that I am trying to assign the current date to a specific cell using newrowneeded event but this is not working so what to do? eventhough if I entered the date without entering in an event it doesn't appear in the data grid view!! I hope u r understanding the point

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