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The following is my requirement.

The user writes a blog. It contains a heading, few keywords and the content. The user then submits the blog.

Before getting stored, the content section of the blog must be scanned using

There will be a **library containing the keywords related to the keywords mentioned by the user. The top 10 keywords that the scanner returns are checked to see if they are present in

the library. If they are, then they are included in a separate field in the database.

** I am assuming that there are semantic libraries available that provide all the related concepts within a domain.

I want to know if I can achieve my requirement using "protege". If not, are there any other tools/platform with which i can do the above??

Thanks in advance,

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Is this a java language programming question?

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I want to do the whole thing in java.

Actually, i didnt know where to post it. ;)

Nonetheless, can you please help??

Do you have any specific questions about java programming?

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