I am trying to read data from a file and make each saved item in the file an option on the combobox so that the user can select whatever he wants .The problem is in adding items to combobox not in reading from file .can anybody help me plz I need to solve this problem by today cz today is my deadline !
thanks in advance

What operating system and compiler? What GUI platform (e.g. win32 api, MFC, Windows Forms, wxWindows, etc)

I am usibg windows 7 and I am using MFC on VS2010 is this enough or u need to know somethin else?

You need to learn how to use google to find the class as that will save you many hours time waiting for someone to give you the info you want. In this case all you had to do was google for CComboBox and select the very first link that it gives you. At that link, which is in MSDN, you will find a list of all the methods which you can use. In this case you want AddString(). I'm not going to tell you how to use it because I think if you are going to work with MFC you need to learn how to do it yourself.

Happy programming :)

google is my first problem solving option. but it is not my freind's option.he asked me what to do and i told him that i will ask for what he needs . thanks in advance i hope this helps him :)

Well then tell your friend to start making google his/her first option. He can't learn to program if you do all the work for him.