I wanted to make a thread for not only myself but for others to give a "thank you" to anyone who has helped them.

In my case, without some suggestions here, I would have been stuck for days on a single thing and not be able to advance further.

I got a month left at my job so more Java things will problably pop up :P but meanwhile Im trying to get a C# social network going so might pop up over there more frequently. But who knows....

Anyways thanks to all :)

Wow, noone else had to say thanks to anyone on this forum?

Amazing how ungreatful people are....

we're not in this for the glory, we're doing this because we like to do this ourselves :)

you can also notice that a lot of people say thanks in the original thread, so not posting here is not the same as being rude.

for a lot of those who help people on this forum, the number of replies here saying "thanks" is less valuable than someone just starting a thread to say thanks, so don't think it's not appreciated :)

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