My school has banned any system call (I even brought my own copy of command.com and cmd.exe) but FreeDOS's FreeCOM still works (very well at that). Is there a way to make it that when I call the system function it makes the call to FreeCOM (Whitch will be bundled with my programed and renamed to shell.com) instead of cmd.exe (or wherever windows handles these)?Please note that unless I'm using FreeCOM (freecom can start the cmd.exe that came with windows fine on our school computers) I can't even use system to start another program (or even run a batch file).

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Let's see if I got this right.
Your school banned system calls.
You want to bypass that ban and make system calls anyway.

Sounds to me like you are trying to do something they don't want you to do.
Do I have the facts straight?


All I'm doing is issuing a cls command in a couple of places, I also asked the principle (I have no life) if I could use FreeCOM with the compiler(s) I bring to school and they where fine with that. I would use the more appropriate win-bash but clear doesn't work on it...

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Well, I don't browse MSDN much (use ubuntu more but Windows [XP] is our school's standard) and I didn't Know I could do that! Thanks thid solved like ten of my other problems too!

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