HELP me to make this program,
it's so hard to understand
anyone can help me to make a program??

Using an appropriate definition of listnode, design a simple linked list class with only two member function and a defult constructor:

void add(double x)
boolean isMumber(double x)

The add function adds a new node containing x to the front (head) of the list,
while the isMember function tests to see if the list contains a node with the value x. Test your linked list class by adding various numbers to the list and then testing for membership

second part of the question :

Modify your list class of programming challenge 1 to add a copy constructor. Test your class by making a copy of a list and then testing membership on the copy.

third part :

Modify the list class you created in the previous programming challenge to add a print member function. Test the class by starting with an empty list, adding some elements, and then printing the resulting list out.

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Yes, linked lists can be a bit tricky to program. Study some of these links

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Yes, linked lists can be a bit tricky to program. Study some of these links

Just programmed my own linked list a couple of weeks ago, doubly linked.
If it is a one-way linked list, as it seems to be saying in the "challange", i believe it should be rather straight forward how to do it. There should be countless resources on the internet about this if you do a simple google search.
Important things I can think of is:

  • Store a pointer to the first node
  • Store a pointer to the last node
  • Every node should have a pointer to the next node in the list
  • When adding an element to the list, change last node and first node as needed. Set the newly added nodes next to the previous first node.
  • When looping thru the list simply start with the pointer to the first node then keep calling the next node until you reach the last node.

Haven't made a single-linked list myself.
Let me know if you get stuck and I could probably write some pseudo code for you

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