can anyone help me with this? im having trouble with renaming a file.. the last 2 digit of DT102T01 up to DT102T15 will count according to the number of files inside the Data_PRN folder. please help! any suggestion will be appreciated.. tnx

'===== make directory & rename file . prn to .txt =======

            Dim PRNname As String
            Dim TXTname As String
            Dim MakeDirectory As String = "C:\CHRONOLOG"
            If System.IO.File.Exists(MakeDirectory) = True Then
                MsgBox("Folder already exist", vbInformation, )
            End If
                Dim md As System.IO.DirectoryInfo = CreateDirectory(MakeDirectory)
                MsgBox("File/Folder created")
            Console.WriteLine("File/Folder created at {0}", System.IO.File.GetCreationTime(MakeDirectory))

            mdcount = 1
            directoryCount = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles("C:\Data_PRN\", "*.*", IO.SearchOption.AllDirectories).Length()
            Dim CopyFile As String
            Dim PasteFile As String
            CopyFile = "C:\Data_PRN"
            PasteFile = "C:\CHRONOLOG\"
            If Not My.Computer.FileSystem.FileExists(CopyFile) = True Then
                My.Computer.FileSystem.CopyDirectory(CopyFile, PasteFile)
                MsgBox("Files copied")
                MsgBox("Already exists")
            End If
            'Dim Sfile As String = "C:\DT102T*" & mdcount & ".prn"
            ' Dim Sfile As String = Dir(PathName:="C:\Data_PRN\DT102T*" & mdcount & ".prn", Attributes:=FileAttribute.Normal)

 Do While mdcount <= directoryCount
                PRNname = "C:\Data_PRN\DT102T*" & mdcount & ".prn"
                [B][COLOR="Red"]TXTname = "C:\CHRONOLOG\DT102T*" & mdcount & ".txt"[/COLOR][/B]
                Rename(PRNname, TXTname)
                mdcount += 1

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What is the problem with this code? Its not renaming?

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What is the problem with this code? Its not renaming?

the problem is the TXTname.. the 0 in \DT102T01. i want the 0 to be included in DT102T because 1 is in the loop mdcount.

the program is running but the data didnt change its name from .prn to .txt because the DT102T cannot find 0..

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