I am trying to make the heapSort function I wrote work with the heapRebuild I was given.
If someone could please tell me what exactly I am doing wrong or help point me in the right direction.

void Heap::heapRebuild(int root)
   // if the root is not a leaf and the root's search key
   // is less than the larger of the search keys in the
   // root's children
   int child = 2 * root + 1;  // index of root's left
                              // child, if any
   if ( child < size )
   {  // root is not a leaf, so it has a left child at child
      int rightChild = child + 1;  // index of right child,
                                   // if any

      // if root has a right child, find larger child
      if ( (rightChild < size) &&
           (items[rightChild] > items[child]) )
         child = rightChild;  // index of larger child

      // if the root's value is smaller than the
      // value in the larger child, swap values
      if (items[root] < items[child])
      {  HeapItemType temp = items[root];
         items[root] = items[child];
         items[child] = temp;

         // transform the new subtree into a heap
      }  // end if
   }  // end if

   // if root is a leaf, do nothing
}  // end heapRebuild
void Heap::heapSort()
	int temp;
	int last = size-1;

	for(int i = 0; i < size; i++)
		temp = items[0];
		items[0] = items[last];
		items[last] = temp;

I wound up making a new sortBuild which took last instead of size. got it to work

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