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write a program for a local bank to manage their accounts. the bank offers two account types,saving and checking,each customer must maintain a minimum balance, if the customer`s balance falls below the minimum ,ther is a service charge 10 aed for saving and 25AED for checking. the bank also gives interest if the current balance equal or above the minimum according to the following:
1- saving account receives 4% interest
2-checking account receives 3% interest
your program should ask user appropriate question and display informative output

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i entered this
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
int acctNumber;
char acctType;
double acctBalance;
double interest;
double minimumBalance;
double crntBalance;

cout << "Enter the Account Number: ";
cin >> acctNumber;
cout << "Account Type" << endl;
cout << "C = Checking Account" << endl;
cout << "S = Savings Account" << endl;
cout << "Enter the Account Type: ";
cin >> acctType;
cout << "Enter minimum account Balance: ";
cin >> minimumBalance;
cout << "Enter the Account Balance: ";
cin >> acctBalance;

{if (acctType == 'S' && acctBalance < minimumBalance)
crntBalance = acctBalance - 10.00;
cout<<"your current Account Balance: " <<crntBalance <<"AED"<<endl;

if (acctType == 'C' && acctBalance < minimumBalance)
crntBalance = acctBalance - 25.00;
cout<<"your current Account Balance: " <<crntBalance <<"AED"<<endl;}

{if (acctType == 'S' && acctBalance >= minimumBalance)
interest = (acctBalance * 4)/100;
cout<<"your interest is: "<<interest<<"AED"<<endl;
cout<<"your current Account Balance: " <<crntBalance<<"AED"<<endl;
if (acctType == 'C' && acctBalance >= minimumBalance )
interest = (acctBalance * 3)/100;
cout<<"your interest is: "<<interest<<"AED"<<endl;
cout<<"your current Account Balance: " <<crntBalance<<"AED"<<endl;

return 0;
but it does not give me the right answer


If it doesn't give any syntax or compile error then could you post a sample output of the program and then post the desired output so we can pinpoint which line is causing this


when i entered the minimum balance and the current balance the output is your current balance nan AED


ok thank you i wrote another one and it gave me the right answer


home work i need help

please help me
This is my problem .

Given by the transcendental equation f (x) = 0, select it and dig their follow-up activity by Newton's method
(tangent) within E.
1.Encoded in the form of a console application C++
2.As the equation to take arcsin(2x+1)=x^2
3.Boundaries of the selected value of the root and the accuracy of E are entered from the keyboard
4.Develop the following functions
-the left side of the function
-Newton's method for a single
-estimate of the error
-input variable from the keyboard
5.As an outcome of present
-explanatory Note
-CD to the developed project
6.An explanatory note shall be executed according to the rules described in the manual for the course project

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