hi there.
I am just new in java 3d

why my program always says

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException: Canvas3D: null GraphicsConfiguration
at javax.media.j3d.Canvas3D.checkForValidGraphicsConfig(Canvas3D.java:963)
at javax.media.j3d.Canvas3D.<init>(Canvas3D.java:1006)
at pkgnew.New.<init>(New.java:39)
at pkgnew.New.main(New.java:51)
Java Result: 1

however, I already installed j3d and jre. I cannot run and compile my program.
Nothing appears when I tried to run my program.
please heLp.... :(

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it means you have a null value somewhere in your code. that stacktrace tells you exactly on what line in which class. check that line, add some print statements to check what value is null, and change your code to make it impossible for a null value to appear there, or use a try-catch block to handle the exception


ok. I just discover my error. and its true there was a null value on my code.
anyway thanks for your time. my problem was solve.

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