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I was wondering if anyone can assist me with a problem that I have with C Bluetooth programming (Linux Bluez).
I am using Ubuntu 10.04, BlueZ 4.60.
My goal is to have a L2CAP socket in which there will be minimal delay for sending data between 2 computers.
So far I managed to open an L2CAP socket, but this socket has endless retransmissions and I'm trying to change it. I want to have no retransmissions at all because I need the data to be transfer fast with minimal delay and the reliability of the data is not important.

I found an example online that deals with changing the flush timout for the socket and by that causing that if a packet is not acked after a certain period of time it is dropped and the next data in the buffer is sent.
The problem is that this example doesn't work :-(

Here is my code, this method is called after the bind command:

int set_flush_timeout(bdaddr_t *ba, int timeout) //not sure if ba should contain local or remote address    
    int err = 0, dd, dev_id;
    struct hci_conn_info_req *cr = 0;
    struct hci_request rq = { 0 };

    struct {
        uint16_t handle;
        uint16_t flush_timeout;
    } cmd_param;

    struct {
        uint8_t  status;
        uint16_t handle;
    } cmd_response;

    // find the connection handle to the specified bluetooth device
    cr = (struct hci_conn_info_req*) malloc(
                sizeof(struct hci_conn_info_req) +
                sizeof(struct hci_conn_info));
    bacpy( &cr->bdaddr, ba );
    cr->type = ACL_LINK;
    dev_id = hci_get_route( NULL);
    dd = hci_open_dev( dev_id );
    if( dd < 0 ) {
        err = dd;
        goto cleanup;

    err = ioctl(dd, HCIGETCONNINFO, (unsigned long) cr ); // in this line we get err=-1
    if( err ) goto cleanup;

    // build a command packet to send to the bluetooth microcontroller
    cmd_param.handle = cr->conn_info->handle;
    cmd_param.flush_timeout = htobs(timeout);
    rq.ogf = OGF_HOST_CTL;
    rq.ocf = 0x28;
    rq.cparam = &cmd_param;
    rq.clen = sizeof(cmd_param);
    rq.rparam = &cmd_response;
    rq.rlen = sizeof(cmd_response);
    rq.event = EVT_CMD_COMPLETE;

    // send the command and wait for the response
    err = hci_send_req( dd, &rq, 1 );
    if( err ) goto cleanup;

    if( cmd_response.status ) {
        err = -1;
        errno = bt_error(cmd_response.status);

    if( dd >= 0) close(dd);
    return err;

What is my mistake?
Does anyone know another option that will solve my problem.
Code examples will also be great!!