I have a file has the cities names and information such as names, coordinates of the city and population of the city

Youngstown, OH[4110,8065]115436
Yankton, SD[4288,9739]12011
Yakima, WA[4660,12051]49826
1513 2410
Worcester, MA[4227,7180]161799
2964 1520 604
Wisconsin Dells, WI[4363,8977]2521
1149 1817 481 595

How can I create a function to to take the city name and return a list containing the latitude and longtitude of the given city?

I am so desperate now,, Any help will be much appreciated...thanks guys....

fin = open ("miles.dat","r")
def getCoordinates cities = []
for line in fin:
for word in line:
print line.split()

that's what I tried now....how could I get the coordinates of the city by calling the names of the city and how can i return the word of each line but not letters?

If you want to use split (and how do you post code that is not indented, like the following. If we have to add 4 extra space to every freaking line of code that we post, I'm finding a new forum)

test_line="Youngstown, OH[4110,8065]115436"

# your way
for item in test_line.split():
    print item

# a better way
for item in test_list:
    print item
print test_list[1].split("]")