Dear All,
I I want to develop an application using java language. In this application i want to get data by scanning an image from scaner and put this data into database. Please anyone can help me in this article....

Tabish Saroha

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How does the data from the scanner get into the PC? Does the scanner come with an API that a java program can call?

No, actually, you did not understand my question... Is there any API in java which is used to read the data
on image which can scaned by a scanner.. You have seen such application which is used to read data and
transfer this data into database.... like (Bar-Code Reader, Thumb Machine etc)...... Like Bar-Code Reader programmming
scaning an image and getting data from it is also another technique........ If you have any idea please help me...

hi sir
i m new in java developing field. i want to read the number from the image. what will code for it

Please do not hijack other peoples' old threads. Start a new thread for your question, and give as much information as you can.

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