Hey guys, i need help with this assignment. I am a complete beginner in java programming so i don't know how to get started in this thing. For this project, i am suppose to search for a specified word within a block of text. The word, the size of the search space (rows, column), and the puzzle itself will be given in an input file. I have to input the file through the command line and the input file must be read into a 2-D array for searching. I have to do a vertical, horizontal and diagonal search to find the letters of the word. And my output should be a letter and it's coordinates(row, column) in the array. So please help me get started, anything will be appreciated.

i kinda know file and stuffs work now but i still couldn't figure out how to read the input file in to 2D array for searching. Please anyone help me get started.

Start by reading the file line by line.

Why do you want it in a 2D array? What goes into the two dimensions?

numbers of rows and columns in the file are suppose to go in two dimension..

Are you saying that each line in the file has two values?
Read the file line by line, and split each line into two parts and store those two parts into the array.

One problem could be defining the array the correct size to hold the data. Do you know the number of lines in the file?