hey guys,

sorry for my noobness, i'm still a jr and the boss ask me to learn xml because i'll have to work on a ticket selling site.

oke no problem there, i luv learning. so i read all the xml tut on w3school. it's not that hard, but more i read and more i began to question myself.

it's like a temp db ! why go thru an xml if you can just send it to the db ?

i've talk with some fellow workers and they told me it's because it's easier to modify data, hmmm.. ok, but you still need a parser of some sort, the lines of code needed for the parser is similar to the code needed to query the db.

i'm the black sheep, i just don't take all for cash, i need to know why.

can you highlight me on good ... or why ... use of xml. (hardware config maybe, i saw the the network guy do some neat stuff with xml, but not on a web site ... i can do the same stuff with php and a db)

and while i'm at it, what's the security like on xml ? db can get query injection, is xml more secure in some way ?

thx guys


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XML has it's uses, even as a simple database.

One advantage is that an XML file is generally easier to fix than a corrupt database.

The format is also platform independent, so sould you later decide to switch from Apache to IIS, or Windows to Linux, you can use the exact same file.

From a security perspective, XML is a plain text format. Anyone with read access will be able to view the file contents. If you don't wish to make the file publicly visible, apply security permissions. Best to avoid placing it in your public HTML folder ;-)

thx for the input buddy


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