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Hey dudes! I'm pretty crummy with Java layouts, so I was wondering if anyone had time to help me. The rather crude drawing I made is the layout I had in mind. I wanted 3 rows, with 1 gridlayout on the top and bottom, and in the center I'd have 2 panels. So it would be 3 rows, and there would be 2 items in the middle. I'm really cruddy at this, but any tips or hints are appreciated!

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This is easily done by using panels inside panels (that's a common technique).
Start with a 1 wide by 3 high grid layout conatining a label, a panel and a label. inner panel then has a 2x1 grid layout and contains a third panel with the radio buttons, and a list.

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Thanks for the response, but could you possibly give me a little insight on how you separate items in a layout?
I'm not really sure how to make it so that all this content stays in this row, while all this content stays in
the next row and so on. I'm REALLY new to gridlayouts.

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