Hello all daniwebbers.
I've been working on an application that uses TCP to send messages to another computer, but I am going to be updating it alot!
I know how to make my program update itself, but I just want a progress bar so you know how long it will take until the file is completely downloaded.
Also does anyone know how to zip and unzip files in VB.NET, it would make my updater easier if it can just download a zip file and then unzip it and copy the contents to my applications running directory.
Thanks. :)

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This is how you can create Zip files from within .NET: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/28107/Zip-Files-Easy
Or you can use this: http://dotnetzip.codeplex.com/

And as for the download progress.
Now, I don't have much experience in working with TCP messages. But I'm thinking that you can start the transfer by sending to size of the file/s to be downloaded and set the progressbar Max value to that.
And during the transfer you can monitor how much data has been transferred and thus update the progressbar with that information.

Check out this post for info regarding downloading web.content in vb.net and displaying progress via a ProgressBar.

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