When i use this code from another class (I'll post the client if necessary, but in the interest of making a short post:)
I get an ArrayStoreException from line 31.
As I see it: the array is of runtime-type V, the item that should be added to the array should be aswell, or the error should have occured at compiletime, when trying to call pu(K,V) with a wrong value type?
So, what am I not getting? :)

import java.util.Arrays;

public class ResizableMap<K extends Comparable<K>, V> {
        private int N=0;
        private K[] keys;
        private V[] vals;

        public ResizableMap() {
                keys = (K[]) new Comparable[1];
                vals = (V[]) new Comparable[1];

        public boolean isEmpty()        { return N==0;  }
        public int size()               { return N;     }

        public void put(K key, V value) {
                if(N == keys.length) resize(2*keys.length);
                int p = rank(key);
                if (key == keys[p]){
                        vals[p] = value;

                for(int i=N; i>p; i--) {
                        keys[i] = keys[i-1];
                        vals[i] = vals[i-1];

                keys[p] = key;
                vals[p] = value;

        public V getValue(K key){
                if (isEmpty()) return null;
                int i = rank(key);
                if (i < N && keys[i].compareTo(key) == 0) return vals[i];
                return null;

        public K getKey(int i){
                if (i>=N) throw new ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException(i);
                return keys[i];

        public int rank(K item){
                return rank(item, 0, N-1);

        public int rank(K item, int lo, int hi) {
                if (item == null) return -1;
                if (lo > hi) return lo;
                int half = lo + (hi-lo)/2;
                int cmp = item.compareTo(keys[half]);

                if (cmp < 0) return rank(item, lo, half-1);
                if (cmp > 0) return rank(item, half +1, hi);
                return half;

        private void resize(int cap) {
                K[] tmpK = (K[]) new Comparable[cap];
                V[] tmpV = (V[]) new Comparable[cap];
                for(int i=0; i<N; i++){
                        tmpK[i] = keys[i];
                        tmpV[i] = vals[i];
                keys = tmpK;
                vals = tmpV;

        //A litte test
        public static void main(String[] args) {
                ResizableMap<Character, Character> rm = new ResizableMap<>();
                for (int i=33; i<122; i++){
                        rm.put((char)i, (char)i);

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    Add a println to show what vals is and what the class of value is. This will show you why yout get ArrayStoreException. Read More


Maybe it's Character vs char. The generic type is Character, but you try to put a char. Autoboxing will often deal with this kind of thing, but not always, maybe this is one of those times? Try put(new Character(...


James: I doubt it, the main methods actually works perfectly (sorry, probably should have mentioned that or left it out).

Norm: I'm not sure how to recreate it, but I can post the client that causes the problem:
This is the exact error I get:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayStoreException: WordTree$Node
at ResizableMap.put(ResizableMap.java:31)
at WordTree$Node.addChild(WordTree.java:35)
at WordTree.put(WordTree.java:18)at WordTree.put(WordTree.java:12)
at WordTree.put(WordTree.java:5)at WordTree.main(WordTree.java:50)

And here is the client:

public class WordTree {
        Node root=null;

        public void put(CharSequence word){
                put(word, root);

        private void put(CharSequence word, Node n){
                if (word.length()==0) return;
                if (n == null){
                        root = new Node(word.charAt(0));
                        put (word.subSequence(1, word.length()-1), root);

                if (n.getChild(word.charAt(0)) == null){
                        Node nxt = new Node(word.charAt(0));
                        put(word.subSequence(1, word.length()-1), nxt);
                Node nxt=n.getChild(word.charAt(0));
                put(word.subSequence(0, word.length()-1), nxt);

        public class Node {
                private ResizableMap<Character, Node> children = new ResizableMap<>();
                private Character key;

                public Node(Character c) {
                        key = c;

                public void addChild(Node n){
                        children.put(n.getChar(), n);

                public Character getChar(){
                        return key;

                //returns null if child doesn't exist
                public Node getChild(Character c) {
                        return children.getValue(c);

        public static void main(String[] args){
                WordTree t = new WordTree();

I don't get how the Node suddently isn't a Node?

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Add a println to show what vals is and what the class of value is.
This will show you why yout get ArrayStoreException.

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This should have been the first thing I tried, before even writing on this forum.

You sir, are a brilliant man :)
Turns out I made the array like this: vals = (V[]) new Comparable[1];
And of course, the values should not need to be comparable :)
So even though they where of type V, they did not meet the requirements of the array.
Funny that it was even permittet to make the array, when runtime-type V wasn't comparable.

Anyway, thanks a bunch. Both of you.
This really had me startled.

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