c.pentasuglia Newbie Poster

So i'm working on a java program that will eventually be used like a library on an EIS system. My next step is to work with the resource adapter, and i've never done anything like this before. I understand the architecture in this case and what the resource adapter does, from what i understand it has some inbound data that comes all the way from the client, through beans, and jsp's. Then it will be outbounded to the EIS system in this case. I have the code to be used as a library, or in the EIS level. I also have the resource adapter to be used, although it is like a skeleton code. I'm really wondering what my first step is, and if someone has more information about resource adapters, please share. It's not easy to find code samples. So i'm looking for information, and maybe some information to start me out in the right direction.