I'm looking for a way to write a recursive method which convert a decimal to value to its binary equivalent. I can write a method which returns the result as a String, but I can't figure out to write a method which makes calculation with integer values and returns integer as well. I'm waiting for your help.

Thanks in advance.

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Please explain what you mean by a decimal value and a binary equivalent. Are you talking about Strings?
For example decimal: "10" and binary: "1010"
An int is 4 bytes of bits. You can display the value of an int in many String formats. But an int is an int.


The only way you can see the value of an int is by formatting it as a String.
You can not see the value of an int without formatting it.
You can use an if statement to test its value:

int anInt = 13;
if (anInt == 13) System.out.println("value of anInt is 13");

The 1101 you show has to be a String for you to see it in that format.

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What do you mean by you have written a method which returns the result as a string? Can you post that? Maybe we can start from that.

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