Hi there guys how do you know if a program is coded in an object-oriented manner? I just wanted to know if the program I have downloaded is an oop program or not. please help...

it is actually a game that i downloaded

Code will be alot more organised if it's OOP developed and have more generic object and variable names than none OOP programs. Best thing to do might be to create an OOP program in something like Visual Studios to see how the code to create object is organised when you add a new object to your OOP program in comparison to non-OOP programs.

Thats my best guess . . . hope it helps

Well, if it's written in C# chances are its object oriented. Basically OOP covers anything that has a class hierarchy. I know C# supports a minimal amount of structured and functional programming, but usually this is just an 'effect' and you are actually working with objects, so you can generally assume everything written in C# is object oriented.

because I'm kind of confused with this program that I have downloaded. I do not see any get or set which is usually a part of an oop program, am I correct ?

No. Get and Set are used with properties which are a small part of OOP. Implementing them as members or methods is equally object oriented.

Most of the times, variables and the objects (of classes) have meaning ful names. What you can do is: select the variable's (or object's) name and right click on it. A popup will show up.

From here, it depends on which language you are using.
- If you are using C++, then select Go To Declaration
- If you are using C# (VB), then select Go To Definition
Once you are taken there, then you will know whether it is some variable or an object of a class.

Hop this helped you :)