Hi, I was asked to create a program that converts a .csv (I converted it to a .txt format first) and I've put together a pretty basic one that reads the data in the text file and formats it into XML, then saves it as a .xml. By basic I mean it pretty much outputs...

<Name>YouOver There</Name>
<Address>Sometimes Here</Address>

I'm just wondering what I could add to my code that would make it more appealing and wouldn't require editing afterward? Such as adding namespaces, indent, etc. How could I add something like JDom into what I've got so far? And the examples I've seen from JDom show creating the XML document from scratch, how would I read a file into JDom similar to what I have at the minute? Here's the code I've managed so far...

package com.wh.parser;

import java.io.File;
import java.io.FileNotFoundException;
import java.io.PrintWriter;
import java.util.Scanner;

 * This class will be used to read in a .txt file and then convert it to a .xml
 * file. The .xml data will then be transfered over onto SoapUI to be used as
 * mock test results. The class will have a method to read and write the files,
 * as well as a method to do the conversion process. The process in this version
 * would be to store the .txt in a scanner and run it in a while loop and output
 * each line from an array that has the data stored. The headers will also be
 * stored in a new array and printed to lower case.
 * @version 1
 * @author wh
public class XMLGen 
    private File read, write;
    private PrintWriter writer;
    private Scanner scanner;
    private String[] elements, headers;
    private boolean firstRow = true;
    private String rows;

     * This method will be used to read from the .txt file and then write to a
     * .xml at specific directory paths. PrintWriter will be used to write the
     * .xml.
     * @throws FileNotFoundException
    public void readWrite() throws FileNotFoundException 
        // Reading in path file of .txt file.
        read = new File("C:\\...");
        // Storing inside a scanner.
        scanner = new Scanner(read);
        // Outputting to specific path file as a .xml file.
        write = new File("C:\\...");
        // Writes to the .xml file.
        writer = new PrintWriter(write);
        // Calling the method which carries out the converting processes.

        // Outputs.
        System.out.println("Reading from: " + read);
        System.out.println("Writing to: " + write);

     * This method will process the conversion by checking if the scanner (which
     * stores the .txt data) has a next line. If there is a next line it will
     * then take the rows and trim them, and then split each element from the
     * separator in which case is the "," on the .txt file. The process then
     * takes the first line and creates it as a header and moves on. This
     * happens for each header. Then prints each element from the .txt into a
     * simple .xml format and prints a blank line for readability purposes.
    public void doStuff() 
        // Reads in every line of the .txt file and converts to .xml format.
        while (scanner.hasNext()) 
            // Splitting the elements by removing the "," from the .txt file.
            rows = scanner.nextLine().trim();
            elements = rows.split(",");

            // First line becomes the header then moves onto the next else continue
            if (firstRow) 
                headers = elements.clone();
                firstRow = false;

            // Skips a line if there aren't enough elements.
            if (elements.length < headers.length) 

            // Printing each element in XML format.
            for (int count = 0; count < headers.length; ++count) 
                writer.println("    <" + headers[count].toLowerCase() + ">"
                        + elements[count] + "</" + headers[count].toLowerCase()
                        + ">");
            // Blank space for readability.
        // Closing writer.
        // Closing scanner.

Hopefully I explained what I'm trying to find out OK.


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try using jaxb

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