if Julian_Date > Base_Date :
    Target = (Julian_Date - Base_Date) % 28
    print First [Target], Second [Target], Third [Target]
    Shift_Set = [First [Target], Second [Target], Third [Target]]
elif    (Julian_Date < Base_Date) & (Julian_Date != 28) & (Julian_Date !=0):
        Target = (Base_Date - Julian_Date)
        Shift_Set=[First[(28- Target)],Second[(28- Target)],Third[(28- Target)]
else pass

#the else statement comes up with an error!

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else is not according to Python syntax, also your naming of variables does not follow convertion of PEP8, which says that Capital letter names should be class names and also your spacing does not follow the standard, there should not be space before indexing bracket, for example.

Line 7 needs an extra ] at the end
line 8 needs to be else:

Are you sure you want & rather than and

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