Hi there guys I am encountering another problem with my code, it says Error: 'Francis.Form1.Dispose(bool)': no suitable method found to override.

I have uploaded the screenshot of my problem, please help me guys I don't understand why I am encountering such problems and a fix will be very helpful. Thanks in advance guys. 292664_3165108332608_1412384480_32394445_532659989_n

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FIrst, rarely if ever, you don't put any of your code into the xxxx.Designer.cs files. You put it in the xxxx.cs file.

Second, according to this page, the signature to use is

protected virtual void Dispose(bool disposing)

open new project click 2 time in the header of the form then copy start to code there and ur code mustbe in form.cs.

I am creating a simple game in c# but i am also getting this error.
its not getting resolved even if I implement the iDisposable interface.
pls. help
thank you

Post the code that is causing the problem, we can't see it from here.

I think Dispose method is used to temprory close the method.

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