I have some text files (actually csv) that have the extension .ROS stored on a server and I can't seem to open them in Python. If I change the extension to .txt or .csv, I can open them fine either as text or csv, but I'd rather keep the .ROS extension.

More concretely, I have two identical files (other than the file name) on my server and...

This works:

import csv
from urllib2 import urlopen
data = csv.reader(urlopen("http://faculty.uml.edu/klevasseur/MON1991.txt"))

but this doesn't:

data = csv.reader(urlopen("http://faculty.uml.edu/klevasseur/MON1991.ROS"))

I'm a novice to this part of Python, so can anyone point me in the right direction?


Check that you can open the file in your browser, the second is not found, so it does not exist.

404 - File or directory not found.

... this is what I get with your second reference.