What should I be using? Should I be using _T? or L? Or Neither?
I know some functions end with the A for Ansi and some end in W for the Unicode version but I have no clue what I want to use.

if I use _T would I have to change all my strings to wstrings? if I use L would I have to do that too?

if I use _T would I have to change all my MessageBoxes to MBW or MBA or just MB? What about StrLen would I change that too? Also some functions require lengths vs character bytes. Does this affect it?

Ohh and I almost forgot. What is the difference between _Unicode and Unicode :S

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I don't know the answer but I do know this whole area is a real pain. I tend to try and use Qt's QString and let the Nokia guys worry about it :)

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+1 Just for the QString. I know its a pain :c Thus my quesiton lol :D Thanks for the reply though =]
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