I am new to dealing with SQL Express DB tables. I have a Windows application that gives the user a textbox that is bound to a value in my dataset (ds) which reflects my SQL table (Specs) field. The user can change the numeric value of the textbox and I can see by setting breakpoints that it created the new value in my dataset (I used MsgBox(Ds.Specs.Rows(0).Item(10) to determine this to be true). However, when I open the application back up, the OLD value appears again in the text box. It is like my dataset is not updating the SQL server table.

Again, I am new to SQL tables and allowed the wizard to create all my insert/update/delete statements which appear to be in place. Any idea why my values won't stick?


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Found out the issue... when I bound the textbox to the datatable, it created a copy of the dataset called ds1. It works now, but any idea why it would do that??? I don't have another similarly-named bindingsource or tableadapter...

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