i have been confused lately regarding where to concentrate... java or c++ or Algorithms & data structures or ........(there are still more languages)

whenever i concentrate on java i tend to forget c++ or various algorithms or assembly( i have learned 8086/8088 programming).
java is very large...core java......file io....swing..servlets....enterprise java...and so on

Oh the other hand if i dig into c++

1)learning c++ is no simple(templates ,STL, ...)
2)there are various libraries like opengl,ACE ,threading
and so on

And then they say linux is the future so i started looking into it and found they have there own libraries to get things done.
It is good and well built system but there is so much to learn
And suddenly exams come and all programming stuff is kicked out.

Once i asked one professional programmer and he says they work on visual basic and many othet companies still use VB

once again i am stuck what to learn and what not to?

Please help! i am pusuing my btech in computer science and they do not teach such thing .

depends on what you want to learn. for some it is easy to learn different languages, others prefer to stick to one, and become very good at that one, and using frameworks written in it.

so, it's about figuring out what kind of software you want to develop, and choose the right tool (language) for the job.

i have seen people here in daniweb post solutions in various field(languages c++,java ,python ...) ,
how come they have knowledge of various fields

Mainstream languages such as Java and C# all have very similar structures and syntax - learn one and the others are no big step. General programming skills such as understanding algorithms, designing and testing code etc etc are also largely language independent. The biggest hurdle in moving from one language to another is the API or libraries that go with it.
Also some of the people posting in multiple forums have decades of experience...

I am creating a web site using java servlets and java beans for the company i work in.
It runs on apache tomcat 7.0.
Do i require a licence from sun or oracle or Apache to run the website?

Is java free? If not ,then why are we allowed to download java SDK and runtime freely.
I have read the terms but cannot actually make it out.

profyou, now you're going off the topic
the original topic was which language you should learn. now it is should you get a licence or not. start a new thread, please. you're going off the topic.

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