i keep hearing about thees things called arrays but i never now what they are and are they used as much as classes?

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Even the worst book on C++ will will cover such topics as arrays, and we don't particularly enjoy explaining things that are covered in great detail in *every* available reference.

For a quick overview, try surfing over to wikipedia and search for arrays.

hey it said arays could be called vectors/matrixes/etc um so about what i asked u in that other one whats the relationship between vectors in c++ and physics?

>whats the relationship between vectors in c++ and physics?
None that you need to worry about unless you're simulating a physics vector. A C++ vector is basically the same as an array, except with a pretty interface.

A "collection" of data of the same type. In layman's terms, instead of having ten separate integer variables, I can have a single integer array of size ten. I'm going to take layman's terms to the tenth level and say that a class is a "package" of various types of data and functions to access / manipulate this data.

cool thanks administrator um i can see some relation ships actually between vectors in phyics and c++

Really? Care listing some of them here? For others to learn?

um but isnt that a string then? also now i understand, like in boolean logic gates where bianary coed is in a single group like on cds the holes are little bits of dada in witch a laser shines on it then reflectes it back to the reciever and u hear the music but each group of data in like circuits is a sequense of a number of on and of inpulses a second ect am i close to what it is?

ok wolf pack as u wish but not now um ill put up a new thred um also whait a while k

how do you access an array?

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