I need acode that the ouptut include sum,average,maximum,minimum,sort and search

And presumably you want it in a nice format, with some comments rite?
Well, I think that's not gonna happen. You see, this sounds like a homework/lab assignment, and here, at Daniweb, we don't solve homeworks for others. Out goal here is to help those who are in need or don't understand concepts or have all kind of problems/errors with their code. If we would do your homework, your only gain would be a good grade (but not necessarly), and nothing more.
Why don't you start by searching in your course book, or on internet about these things, and try to create/do something? If then, after you tried, you have questions, we'll try to answer them, but first, we have to see that you've tried.
Good luck with your homework, and here's some usefull links: