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Hi, I would like to know, how to work with wireless and lan connections in vb6 and
how to generate a random password on every users who wants
to use the internet connection,this password has a limited
time only it expires depends on the number of minutes you set.

Please point me to the right direction thank you

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actually i want to use vb6 as back-end and front end is the web interface where the user can input the generated password for accessing the wifi. this password would generate randomly numbers to insure that each users have different password. and i would like to create a cms for the admin which he can access on the web whenever he/she wants to change the number of hours that a user can used the internet and block/allow websites and can look up what the users are browsing.if the user could not enter the password, the user will be redirected to a specific page or ads. please give me some advise thank you


the generated password can only be produced if he/she is already registered on the site once he/she done registered he/she has now accessed to click the generate button to give him/her the password for wifi.


i have seen this on some cafe's and hotel but i don't have any idea how they did it.

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